Thursday, February 14, 2008

Transcript The Joke

Here is the transcript for the video "the joke" from youtube:

-Johnson Residence... Oh, hi, Deena! How's the trip?
-We are having so much fun; The snow is perfect. How's everything at home?
-Well, your cat died.
-What? Oh my god! Cuddles is dead? Oh my god. You can't just drop a bomb on me like that. You've got to ease me into it. You've got to say something like "cuddles got on the roof and he jumped off and broke one of his legs. So he was able to drag himself for a few miles and ran into a pack of wild boars, but he survived that attack and he went looking for help down to the old neighbor lady's house down the street, but she didn't help him; she hit him repeatedly with a broom, and she broke his spine, but he was able to, you know, paw his way down to the river where he fell in and he was molested by a beaver... and the beaver left him for dead but cuddles floated downstream until he eventually washed up at our house and from there he pawed his way in to his little kitty bed where he took his last little kitty breath and he died!" Well, any other news?
-well, your mom got on the roof.