Monday, January 21, 2008

Strange custom and regulations of the destination may spoil your vacation. Be careful!

Strange custom and regulations of the destination may spoil your vacation. Be careful!

Custom and regulations need be cared before traveling. Not paying attention to it may spoil your vacation. Some countries’ custom or regulations are so strange enough to you that you may break the regulations and then be fined or may be sent to jail. Belows are some examples:


This is a country strong at traveling services; however, tourists may be in big trouble if they have clothes or hats with feather sticked on. Clothes or hats which are made of bamboo, palm… All of them are confiscated. If you try to hide them and then they are found, you may go to jail. For best vacation, you’d better leave such things home.


This is a very fantastic place to visit in the South East Asia. It is not such a very fantastic place at all when you use chewing-gum and spit out in the street though. You may be fined up to 1000 EUR and you have to do the social work for 12 hours. If you argue, you may be sentenced to the lash.

Dubai - Arab:


When travel there, you should not take anodyne or anesthetic drugs. If you are found to have them, you may live in jail for 4 crazy years. If you are about to use these kinds of medicine, you’d better have doctor’s medical prescription.



Do not wave your hand (with all five fingers of a hand) to greet somebody in Chypre especially in the north of Chypre! This action does not mean “hi” or “hello” there, it actually mean that “I call you down curses upon you till five generations later.” – Amazed?


Do not buy anything antique there eventhough it is only a pebble. It might become national heritage or something like that and then you may be fined EUR 9000 or may be sent to jail and enjoy your hard time there for 5 or 10 years. You do not deserve that though.

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