Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caution for those who have a free forum

Nowadays it is not hard to possess your own forum. You do not need to know about web designer or about programing language as html, php, javascript and so on. What you just do to have it is to go to a certain website supporting with a free forum, register an account, then you have a free forum. In other words, it is fairly as easy as to create an email account on gmail.com as well as on mail.yahoo.com
How to get a free forum to administrate?

As you know, nothing is naturally free. So is there any problem about free thing? I would definitely say "yes". So before you pay much attention and time to make a big and well-known forum. I highly recommend you to read the things below. What I write below, however, does not cover all the problems about free forum. So if you concern and have got opinion, please comment. Your comment is highly appreciated.

1. They may add some advertisments on your forums. If you do not care about this, it is a great place for you to choose to have a free forum. Anyway, now people can earn money online. But if you do that, it mean all you do to make your forum better is all you do to drive money to the forum services.

2. Be careful with service without advertisments. The question becomes "How can they pay for their free service without money". They also need to advertise themselves to let you know and register. They also need employees to work for them. If they have no revenue and no profit, the threat will certainly be that sooner or later they will close and stop their service. All you do for a long working time will go up to the air and disappear. However, there are some exceptions of this case.

3. The service without advertisments but with suppling paid host or something that can bring money to them else is not bad. They have profit in other ways though. So you can be safer with that. They are trying to supply free to have attention of the public. You somehow help them to let the public know. If you do not worry about that, choose this free service site.

4. With free forum, you do not have your own pretty domain. Your address link may be this way:
Is it so long? The easy-to-remembet domain will help you to drive visitors to your website.

5. When you are driving more and more visitors and yours become popular, what happen? Will they take back their service which they are serving you? I hardly know. It depends on their reputation.

6. I highly recommend you choose the service with top ranking by search engine.

7. What is your purpose to have a forum? Have a look on this problem and consider whether or not to choose another service other than forum such as facebook, myspace, blogspot...

I hope that this post helps.

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