Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Create a free forum with

What you are seeing on your left hand is the logo of
I have just created a forum on the site. And I will tell you something about forumer.

After you register for a free forum, you will have one relatively immediately. Cool. Forumer supply you many domain that you can follow. For example, you register with:

Then you will have many links to your forum which is just created:

And through these short urls:

They made me amazed. So you can also have some short link and as such.

Further more give a service called fShops which help you earn money. You are asked to Login to your forum and get to your Admin Panel, and then you are supposed to click on [fShops: Make Money]. Follow some instructions and start building your own FREE shop.

Through the fShop you can sell your products and earn money through commissions. Payments are mailed once per month.

It's weird because the shop will also assist you to build a group of dedicated members. One more thing, shipping, returns, refunds, credit card processing etc ... are not done by you. CP will take care of those. What you do is create designs, upload them to CP, and choose which products you decide to put in and display in your store...

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