Sunday, January 13, 2008

Template of this blog with Adsense before and after post

Here is the template of this blog, copy and past into your blogspot (at tab "edit html"). Make sure you have already reverted your blogspot to clasic template before using this template code.

This template is already inserted 3 Adsense. 2 of them are placed before and after post-text. The last one is placed at the right column as you see in this site. So you have to replace the code of 3 Adsenses with yours by looking for the word "Adsense" in the Code text. If you make some mistake, comment and ask me here.
Follow the steps as follows:

2. click "template"
3. enter "edit html"
4. copy and paste the code below into the text area
5. save template changes

The code is below, click to download:
Read carefully the guide before using the template.

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