Thursday, January 17, 2008

What you need in your luggage before travel?

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Prepare for your luggage before travel. It is obvious that you do not need all of the belows. Check what you need and stuff them in your luggage.

1. Tickets should be booked six month in advance, decide where to sit (window or aisle). Cheap-ticket seats may be in the middle and at the back of the plane. First class seats are always better.

2. A hotels/resorts tickets should be booked couple of months in advance. In the holiday seasons, everything becomes rare.

3. Money. You should exchange a little for the type of currency of destinations

4. Passports

5. Identity cards

6. Credit cards

7. Driving licenses

8. Prescription Drugs

9. Glasses, sun-glasses

10. Laptop

11. Camera (spare film and batteries)

12. Clothes, hats, gloves, mitten, shoes, belts, underwear, socks, shorts, pajamas, bathing costume … depending on weather and destination

13. Books, games, music device, magazines, headphones, film

14. Materials, Files, laptop if required in your business

15. Outfit

16. Toiletries

17. Hair driers, hair-grip, comb, hair brush

18. Condoms (you never know...)

19. Shampoo, shave cream, shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap

20. Dictionaries, electronic translators

21. Travel guide books, address books, maps, your notes about destinations

22. make-up

23. nail file and clippers if needed

24. tissues, towels, handkerchiefs

25. first-aid kit, aspirins, medicine

26. health insurance certificates

27. pen

28. bags for used clothing

29. ear-plugs, eye-wraps, head rests, etc. - for sleeping on plane

30. small bottle for water

31. bottle opener and/or corkscrew

32. electrical adaptor if needed

33. travel alarm clock

34. binoculars

35. Sun Screen

36. Fold-up umbrella

37. Laundry kit and detergent

38. Electric torch if needed – especially you travel to explore forests or night sea

Keywords: luggage prepare share knowledge knowledges before travel ticket suitcase

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language123 said...

Wow... with those, I think that nice trip is ahead. Come and catch it.

funny indian boy said...

If so much things r needed, then we should start packing up one or two weeks ahead but i don't really think we have to carry all these ..