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Tips for old travelers

Tips for old travelers.

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Old people travel. The old people should take these tips when traveling. These advices for old men and old ladies traveling are fairly important. The article even concerns some avoidable things to make old people feel comfortable in their trips, vacations and holidays. These notes should be known by old people when traveling or by those who travel with the old people (their grand parents, grand-mother, grand-father)

Tips for old travelers
Old people enjoy their trip.

1. The trip style must be suitable for old people. Before accepting to pay for the trip tickets, it is highly recommened to ask whether or not the trip suits old people and their states of health. The short-time journey is better. It should be less than 5 days. Sight-seeing places, famous temples, wel-known historical areas are totally suitable. And the trip should be relavant to a sick leave. The destination must be a place with fresh air and an unpolutted spot. Avoid any tours with races, claiming mountains, camping outside, swimming. It is absolutely good to have a slow-speed trip. . The tours included in the trip should not be so long, even the length of time on bus should not be long as well. And the tours should be designed in the way not to let old people walk so much

2. No good health no trip. Old people take the trip when they are in good state of health. Before taking the trip, old people, however, should take some health care and toothcare. If not good, the trip should be delayed or postponed for treatment. After treatment, they can go provided that their doctors allow them to do.

3. Drugs are extremely important. Old people, especially those who have heart disease, high-blood pressure and diabetes are highly recommended to be allowed to take the trip by doctors who are taking care of their healths. Ask for drugs should take along the trip. It is good to measure blood pressure and blood sugar everyday in the trip time. Do not neglect those things although the trip is such an interesting. Daily-used drugs should be taken on time and sufficiently as usual and as well as they do when they are at home.

4. Take with you your health care documents in the trip in case there is something incidental, relavant to your health happened accidentally in the time of your trip. It is best for other doctors at the destination know clearlier your health states so that they can have immediate, suitable treatment.

5. Take good sleep before each tour. Lacking of sleep may make you worn out and exhausted. You therefore can not somehow follow the tour in a good way. Lacking of sleep easily cause some diseases. Then it spoils your trip. You should sleep two times a day. You even take some more short rest during the tour.

6. Rooms for old people should not be upstairs. With a room like that, you can easily go out and in the hotel and do activities of the trip.

7. Pay attention to the food. Food must be cooked well-done. Food is soft and with low fat. Food for protein should be digestible, for examples chicken, fish, soya-cakes. Eat light meal like porridge, soup in the evening. Between two main meals, there should be other light meals. Let the person who prepare food for the tour know about your diet. For the best, you should take prepared food from home such as Diabetcare powder, low fat milk, bread, biscuit… Eat at regular time as you do at home. Do not eat food from street venders.

8. There should be some young people in the trip for old people. This is fairly important though.

9. The luggage contains clothes for the weather of the destination (hot or cold weather). The luggage however is light – not heavy and included enough necessary drugs.

10. Take notes. The trip is interesting or not depending on the people participating in the trip. They should be friendly to make the trip become a pleasant one. Taking care of our health carefully is also a factor to make the trip cheerful and happy. If there is some place is not suitable for some old people, we should take more time to take a break and have a rest. Do not stay up so late. You should have a small note book to write down some useful information: information of tour guide and his/her cell-phone number in case you need help.

11. The changes of environment, temperature, daily activity time, food may affect the disease.

12. Tour guides and young people should not be crude to the old people. Moreover, they should be friendly, helpful to encourage old travelers to get over some difficulties they meet in the trip.

13. For a long time on bus, old people should stretch their bodies. Remember that you should not walk or stand for a long time.

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