Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to have a free forum to administrate?

Fr. stands for Forum for quick write.

It is now very easy to register hosting a free Fr. Some of website help you with hosting it without money. But they may add some ads on your Fr.. But I think that it is easy to understand, they add advertisement to have money to support your fr. hosting. So, not a big problem. And there is one thing that I should warn you, be careful with supporting a free one without inserting advertisment. The website do that will have nothing to exist and will sooner or later close their services and then you lose everything you put in the fr. you try your best to make it a best one.

Having a free fr. is so quick. You just access and create an account, everything seems so quick as having an email account. And so what is included in the fr. you have been hosting?

After register hosting a free fr. you will have some option included in your hosting fr.:

1. you can change your forum skin which can be seen as the layout, the theme, the decoration as well of your hosting fr.

2. unlimited posts and users. This mean you and your visitors can post as many text or stuff as they desire. And you can have so many visitors without any break of the rule.

3. create polls

4. private message. This mean you can private message to your user and they message back. And they also can message to one another.

5. private and public fr.s . you can have a lot of fr.s inside the hosting fr. you register. One of them may be private, some may be public depending on you. You can use any option you like.

6. pop-up add free

7. spam prevention

8. use your own logo

9. free tech support. You can have a fee support by joining their technique fr. and post your problem their and wait for the answers.

You can access them by searching them on keywords you can use are: free forum register

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